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Members will be aware that the Wagner Society in Queensland’s membership of the Richard Wagner Verband International entitles the Society to a small allocation of tickets to the Festival. September is usually  the month in which requests for tickets for the next year’s Festival and the allocation of those tickets takes place. Following the cancellation of the festival this year and the continuing problems caused by Covid-19, the usual procedures will change for the 2021 festival:

  1. The number of available seats may be limited.
  2. There will be no Ring in 2021 (postponed until 2022).
  3. The other Wagner operas offered will be announced on the Bayreuth Festival website at the end of 2020.
  4. Order forms will be sent in January 2021 exclusively to customers who purchased tickets for the cancelled 2020 festival but have not applied for a refund.
  5. There may be a limited number of seats  following  the take up of the January orders. These will be offered for online purchase on the Festival website.

While the decisions made by the Bayreuth Festival may change in the coming months, it seems clear that the availability of tickets for 2021 will be very limited.

I will inform members immediately of any such changes, and also the programme of operas when it is announced. Let us hope for a better offering in 2022 with the new Ring as its centrepiece.

Graham Bruce
Vice President

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