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Richard Wagner and the Visual Arts

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Saturday 19 Mar 2016
3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Queensland Multicultural Centre

Presented by Trevor Clarke:

Despite famously declaring himself to be a visual-arts philistine, Richard Wagner wrote extraordinarily visual music that has always inspired visual artists.  This presentation reveals some visually stunning artworks associated with Richard Wagner and his music dramas.

Themes include the Wagner household, the Wagnerian muses, the Minnesingers, the Prose Tristan, the Nazarenes, the Norns, Temptation, Neuschwanstein, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Book as Total Artwork, and Major Artists from Fra Angelico to Anselm Kiefer.  Expect surprises.

Trevor Clarke was trained in astrophysics/radio-astronomy in Sydney, and has worked as scientific editor and software developer for CSIRO, RMIT and a university spin-off in Melbourne.

Trevor and life-long partner Maija have two adult children. He is a member of the Richard Wagner Society (Victoria)

Trevor discovered Richard Wagner in his late teens, and his enthusiasm and respect for Wagner’s works has continued to grow.